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Movie Review: “Darkest Hour”

As an avid student of World War II history, I was so excited about finally getting to see Darkest Hour*, the latest in a long list of films about the legendary British prime minister Winston Churchill. "A thrilling and inspiring true story begins at the precipice of World War II as, within days of becoming Prime… Continue reading Movie Review: “Darkest Hour”

Book Reviews

Book Review/Shout-Out: “How Easy Company Became a Band of Brothers”

Last year, not long after I read and watched Band of Brothers for the first time, I found out about a Kickstarter project run by a descendant of one of Easy Company's most beloved medics. Chris Langlois, the grandson of Eugene "Doc" Roe, had an idea for a children's book about Easy Company and had started… Continue reading Book Review/Shout-Out: “How Easy Company Became a Band of Brothers”

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Movie Review: “Thirteen Days”

I'm still so excited about this new blog, friends and readers! Thanks for all the comments on my Doctor Who reviews as well as on TTHH's Instagram--y'all are awesome! I've got several posts lined up for the next few weeks, including (but not limited to) a post featuring my favorite dresses and gowns from the Victoria series, and my… Continue reading Movie Review: “Thirteen Days”