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Of Lenten Thoughts and the Story of Saint Patrick

I turned 27 two Sundays ago. It's an elegant number, I think--far more so than 26. Maybe I'm odd, but I associate numbers with colors. 26, for example, is a somewhat boring grey with just a hint of blue, but 27 is a rich emerald green. I don't know why, but that's what it looks… Continue reading Of Lenten Thoughts and the Story of Saint Patrick

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Pinterest Finds (because I’m too busy to blog…)

Last week I just had zero blogging inspiration. If I don't have anything to say then I'd better not say anything at all. But then this week, we had a serious health scare/crisis with my grandfather. He got out of a very successful surgery just this afternoon, and he's doing great--but needless to say, I've… Continue reading Pinterest Finds (because I’m too busy to blog…)


TV Review: The Crown, Season 2

I've been looking forward to the second season of The Crown* ever since my parents, sisters, and I finished the first one--albeit it with certain reservations. I'd heard that at least one of the episodes in Season 2 was quite smutty, and while I enjoyed the first season, I took issue with the way it portrayed… Continue reading TV Review: The Crown, Season 2


Becoming a Book Girl Again: A Journey Back into the Reading Life

I was a voracious reader when I was little. I remember once instance where, after I'd been naughty, my mom disciplined me by forbidding me to read anything for an hour or so. It was a very effective punishment. I also remember coming home from the library with a stack of books one afternoon, then crying my… Continue reading Becoming a Book Girl Again: A Journey Back into the Reading Life


Let Heaven and Nature Sing!

Christmas is as busy as ever--but I do feel a much deeper appreciation for it and the Advent season this year. A combination of Douglas Wilson's book God Rest Ye Merry, Ann Voskamp's devotional The Greatest Gift, and Joy Clarkson's hauntingly beautiful podcasts about Advent have made me fall in love with the rich and beautiful history of… Continue reading Let Heaven and Nature Sing!


Movie Review: The Martian

It's quite appropriate that my family and I re-watched The Martian this weekend, since NASA's latest exploratory machine, InSight, landed on Mars on November 26th! I'm really excited about InSight, especially since it sent back some absolutely gorgeous pictures of the Martian landscape. (And yes, I do try to keep up with space exploration stuff. Apparently NASA… Continue reading Movie Review: The Martian